Feel confidence when buying an apartment

In a professional and documented way

What we see as a problem in our industry

The market consists of many private businesses, which lack professionalism. More often than not you don’t really know what you are buying and when asking, you will only receive generic answers. There is no documentation or justification, especially when making such an important decision

How are we trying to differentiate?

  1. We document everything
  2. We document and digitise every aspect and information of your construction and property. Every task is documented in detail, along with the materials used to reconstruct, the equipment and guarantees that follow, as well as any plans, with pictures of the installation. This way, you know exactly what you are buying, in detail.

2. Spoken words fly away, written words remain

Verba volant, scripta manent

Many will make verbal promises. Bien guarantees, in a written agreement, for every task they have carried out as well as all the resources they have used. They will also update and forward any 3rd party guarantees, so that you can exercise your rights if needed.

3. Your satisfaction is our strategic decision.

To us your satisfaction is our means to expand and develop Bien. Our goal is satisfied customers, who will give us positive feedback. Hence, while we work together, we make sure to deliver on time, otherwise we will compensate you accordingly. Similarly, after the purchase we make sure there will be no surprises. On the contrary, we only aim to give you a positive experience.