Make use of the energy efficiency subsidy (Eksikonomo – Autonomo) program easier and cheap, using only suppliers of the highest quality.
Apply on time so that you can get a subsidy for upgrading your property’s energy performance
We will take care of your application, as well as its cost
We will fund the project, so in the end you will only cover the cost of what the subsidy didn’t cover.
You can choose, hassle-free, the resources of your choice, based on your needs.
You can monitor every step of the project closely, using a timeline

Bien operates in renovating and reselling properties. They possess the technical know-how, for you to gain up to 85% of the subsidy ΕΞΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΩ-ΑΥΤΟΝΟΜΩ, which in turn, will allow you to upgrade your home’s energy performance, saving you money and increasing its value in the process.

What we think is the right energy upgrade

How to do it




Book your first appointment with an engineer via Zoom call or telephone. You will provide some necessary information during that appointment, and gather useful advice on your chances of being granted a subsidy, as well as any proposed work that has to be carried out



Επίσκεψη μηχανικού

The engineer will visit and perform an evaluation on the property, assemble all the relevant information and answer any queries you might have.

A complete proposal

In the next step, you will receive our proposal, and you will be able to choose the resources and materials you wish, on our website bien.gr, where you will also find any relevant information about their quality and pricing.

Apply for the program

We will apply for you, and assume all costs (Energy Certificate). We will keep you updated on the approval of your application.


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  • Λέβητας


  • Θερμοπρόσοψη


  • Συνολικό κόστος





  • Funding

    You only need to cover the costs not covered by the subsidy. We will cover the rest and then await payment from the program.

  • Document management

    We will update the ministry’s systems and submit all the documents for you.

  • Construction

    We will take care of the whole project, while you closely monitor everything through a timeline, on your project’s dedicated website.

  • Delivery

    We will deliver the project, exactly as promised, when promised.

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