From Concept

To Reality

Designing and Planning

Any success starts in the planning phase

Bringing bien into the world requires challenging conventional wisdom of how we build just as much as what we build. Specifically, we believe there are learnings from manufacturing and supply chain management, as well as significant innovations in the built environment, that make it possible to introduce an entirely new way of developing our product

Construction process

Our work is half architectural project, half product development

By designing living spaces like a product, we are trying to bring consistency to a field that usually treats each project as a one-off. With consistency comes the ability streamline the entire construction process.

Custom made software

Processes and Automation

Detailed history

Energy saving and Infrastructure

What you don't see matters

Less energy means less costs for the owner. We minimize energy loss, use energy-efficient equipment having a minimum energy rating for all our apartments.

Obsession with the quality of the things unseen, pipelines, electricity board, construction material. We are not just words, we back our work with our guarantee.

Material and Connectivity

Healthy space, healthy residents

Putting resident wellbeing front and center with increased access to natural light and air, anti-microbial surfaces and well thought use of lighting equipment

Living spaces should be able to connect to both the digital world and the real world around them.

We consider the project successful if it is on budget and as we imagined it