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Bien helps you identify, purchase, and own an rental apartment. Generate returns and reliable income from day one.



Receive potential apartments

We will contact an interview with you to understand your desired return, location and more. When a matching property becomes available you will be the first to get notified.

Receive potential apartments

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Review details and learn more about the property.

  • Pictures, floor plans, Video tour, list of furniture and electric devices
  • Property inspection & valuation, title report & insurance quote


Make an Offer

Submitting an offer is free. When your offer is accepted, Bien charges a marketplace fee equal to 0.5% of the contract price or 500 euro, whichever is higher. This fee helps cover our certification, underwriting and full-service transaction management services.

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    Connect with providers

    During the closing period, we’ll help you finalize your partners for lending, insurance and property management.

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    Transact with ease

    Closing typically takes around 15 days if you’re paying cash and 30 days if you’re financing.



Our service and transaction team guides you through escrow until the place is officially yours.


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