About us

Our mission is to positively change real estate investment and the investment culture in Greece. We do this by overcoming existing barriers through modern technologies.

Meet the leadership team
Experts with many years of professional experience in different fields provide us with advice and assistance.
Andreas Holler
Spyros Savvidis
Spyros is an engineer in the finance sector. He has experience working in big transaction as part and E&Y or Allianz Global Investors.
Michael Mitterdorfer
Paris Viziotis
Paris is a civil engineer, handling the permiting and keeps an oversights at the construction sites
We democratize the real estate market and bring this asset into the 21st century
1. We are not here to compete with the market
We want to do things differently. From the renovation process to our business model. We try new processes and adapt technology where we can. We are not yet a technology company but step by step we plan to be.
2. You can make money in a fair way
We are not an NGO. We generate revenues offering a great product in a excellent price. We try serve our customers and ensure that we make a fair profit, which we communicate upfront.
3. A great product doesn’t need to be luxury product
A great product for us is one that has the right quality everywhere. We don't want to have the most luxury tiles, but the cheapest pipelines. We want something that most people can afford and meet all important requirements.
4. Keep the price low, but the costs lower.
In order to succeed with our business model we need to keep the costs low. This means we do most of the non product related work in-house. So forgive us our website is not top-notch, we preferred to spend this money in the apartment.

Our Partners

We only work with the companies that we trust